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About Southerland Boots

Elvin Southerland and his dad, Johnny Southerland, started Southerland Boots in the 80’s.  Elvin who has done leather work since he was 8 years old now has 48 years of Leather experience.  Elvin has made custom saddles and Cowboy boots along with about anything you could think of from leather during all that time.  Southerland Boots started out as a family business and will stay that way as long as we can help it, Elvin has had to slow down due to health and his dad passing away, but the torch of leathersmithing is still burning.  Elvin still has his hands, advice and presence all over the business, which now is ran by his kids and grandkids.  The quality of Southerland Boots and Leather Goods increases with each generation. We now have such customers as the famed country music singer Crystal Gayle. Leather is what we do; let us make something for you.

Johnny Southerland

Founder of Southerland Boots

December 9th 1928 - January 14th 1995

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