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Custom Handmade Boots

Western boots is one of the most iconic items of the American Cowboy and Cowgirl. With Southerland Boots we will work with you to design and build a pair of boot like no other that will be a statement when you walk in the room. These functional works of art for your feet start at $850 and the price alter due to complexity of design as well as material chosen to make the boots by you. Each boot is handmade and made to fit your foot like a glove. If you want the most comfortable boot you have ever worn, then get a hold us.

Custom Made Boots Prices

Starting Price $900

Starting Price Includes:

  • 1 Row Sole Stitch

  • 2 Letter Inital Inlay

  • 3 Rows of Top Stitching

  • American Buffalo, Bull Hide or Calf Skin leather

  • Choice of Toe EXCEPT Needle Toe and Point Toe

  • Custom Fit

  • Up To 12" Tops

  • Walking Heel

*Any Alteration To The Above Stated Will Fluctuate The Price. Other Exotic Leathers Are Available, Ask For Prices And Selection Availability.


Partner, do you have a hole in your sole? Do you have a rip in your pull? A little too tight in the toes? Maybe your heel keeps creaking like that dern cricket-bug in your bedroom that you never can find and squish? Well friend, you have come to the right place. You got a hole? We'll patch it up. You worn down the soles on your boots square dancing the night a away with a date who now won't return your calls? Well we can't do nothin' 'bout the date, but we can sure fix the boots for ya so you can go dancing again. If it's made out of leather, we can fix it...most likely.

Standard Repair Prices

  • Deep Clean - $27.00

  • Full Build Ups - $11.00 per Layer

  • Full Soles - $98.00

  • Half Soles - $65.00

  • Half Soles & Heels - $76.00

  • Heel Blocks - $65.00

  • Heels - $22.00

  • Ladies Heels - $11.00

  • Patches - $11.00 Minimum

  • Rebond - $11 to $22 depending on Job

  • Shine - $11.00

  • Special Order Full Soles - $98 and up

  • Stretches - $10

  • Wedge Heel Build Ups - $3.00 Per Wedge

  • Welts - $3 per inch

*Prices Are Subject To Fluctuation Depending On Complexity Of The Job. Prices Stated Are For A Standard Procedure. More Complicated Procedures May Result In Increased Prices Due To Supply Cost.

*New!* Mail-In-Repair

We are now introducing mail-in repairs for the first time in company history! Are you in need of getting your boots repaired but don't live near the area? Now you can contact us and after a quick discussion about the boots in question, you can mail the boots to us and we will get them fixed up in a jiffy.


*NOTE: Normal Repair Rates And Stipulations Apply Plus Cost Of Return Shipping. Customer Shall Be Responsible For Initial Shipping Cost.

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